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The · Sawtooth · Wolf · Pack

~*dedicated to the Sawtooth wolves*~

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...from the WERC website:

The Wolf Education and Research Center is saddened to announce the passing of another member of the Sawtooth Pack. The long time alpha-female Ayet was discovered deceased on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2006. (Ayet was one of the 3 puppies of Kamots and Chemukh, her two siblings are Motaki and Piyip). Ayet was recently removed from her alpha-female rank by her sister, Motaki, after a severe wind storm that fell three trees across the fences of the pack's enclosure and disrupted pack hierarchy dynamics. Motaki successfully deposed Ayet two days after the storm, and Ayet appeared to accept her new position as a submissive within the hierarchy.

As with all alpha depositions, Ayet endured an increase in dominance displays from the pack and thus sustained some moderate injuries to her rump and hind legs. Such injuries are normal for captive wolf hierarchy disputes, and Ayet continued normal health for the next five days until she suddenly died in the early morning of December 24. A necropsy has shown that Ayet sustained a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot that traveled from the injured muscle of her hind legs to her lungs, ending her life instantly. There is no realistic treatment or prevention for such a condition in captive wolves. The pack and WERC staff are now recovering from the loss of our "little sister", and the pack hierarchy has stabilized again. Ayet was ten and a half years old, and will be missed by us all.

For more information, here's the url to the WERC website:

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...let's get this community going! :-)

When did you first get to know about the Sawtooth Pack? :-) Which wolf left a lasting impression on your heart? :-)

As for me, I saw the documentary "Wolf: Return of a Legend" on TV a few years back, was so impressed and touched by it and immediately fell for the beautiful Sawtooth wolves :-) I love all of them, but have a soft spot for Kamots and Matsi. :-)

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...just seeing if everything works! :-)

sawtoothwolves was "born" on October 10, 2006, and is now open for new members! :-)
If you love the Sawtooth wolves or wolves in general, welcome, please join! :-)

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